Answered Prayers


From Gideon’s Army Prayer team

By Rudy Bueno, August 2022

On September 26th, 2020 we launched 40 days of 24/7 prayer engaging 100 churches and ministries. Together we covered more than 1,000 hours of prayer. All united to pray in agreement with God’s Word and Will for this nation.

After Nov. 4, 2020, a dedicated team of intercessors continued praying daily for America. As we celebrate 2 years since 40 Days of Prayer 2020; our team shares a sampling of Answered Prayers!




Testimonies of answered prayers

·Family relationships are growing stronger
·Protection from accidents
·God’s intervention; a pastor was life flighted for emergency surgery and is recovering
·Election of righteous leaders, who defend parental rights and children’s safety
·Supreme Court rules in favor of prayer for football coach. Separation of church and state does not prohibit
public school employees from praying aloud on the job”
·June 24, 2022. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the sanctity and value of human life in the Dobbs case, and overturned Roe V. Wade. On the same day, one of our prayer members’ granddaughter was born!