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Founder: Dr. J. Doug Stringer

    Dr. J. Doug Stringer is the Founder and President of Somebody Cares America and Somebody Cares International, a global network of chapters, centers, affiliate and partner churches and organizations working together to bring hope and healing to their communities through Prayer initiatives, Compassion outreaches and Cooperative efforts.

    The collaborative network has grown rapidly and now impacts communities and cities around the world.What began as an outreach to the inner city and homeless in Houston, Texas in 1981, has become a clarion call for us to cross our ethnic and denominational barriers to be a tangible expression of Christ to our communities. His years of ministry experiences have taken him to numerous communities and nations; from urban to foreign fields; from garbage dumps to the palaces and halls of government leaders.


Founder: Bro. Mohan C. Lazaru

    He realized the unfathomed compassion of the Light of God and Jesus Christ became his LORD and Savior. Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus has inspired millions of people through His uncompromising message of God’s love. The Lord has used him to minister among huge multitudes of people and many with broken hearts have been blessed and delivered from their sickness, pain and sins. His passion for Prayer shakes the Nations and his zeal for souls is incomparable


    Ministers Prayer Network started officially in 1995. Rev. Mosy Madugba was motivated following a visit with David Yonggi Cho in Seoul, South Korea and another meeting with Mr. George Tuck telling the amazing transforming story of Pittsburgh, PA through the power of corporate prayers.

    Ministers Prayer Network aims to catalyze apostolic and prophetic reformations of the church worldwide, so as to generate and sustain the signs and wonders of the kingdom of God on earth.  This network also endeavors to help restore prayer and the word of God to their rightful places in the body of Christ.


    Pastor Jose Pascua launched the Joshua Generation International Network to be the “cause” catalyst for God’s people to possess their inheritance in Christ. Inspired by Joshua 1:6, winning souls, discipling them, training them to be effective soldiers in God’s kingdom.


Founder: Dr. Sheba & Lazarus George

    Dr Sheba & Lazarus George provide leadership for Brooke of Life which was established in February of 2011 to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ; to serve the body of Christ through teaching, equipping and training Christian believers and preaching the Word of God; to bring together people of all denominations, culture and languages to worship and serve Christ.

    Brooke of Life is a ministry with many branches, currently including Before and After School Care with enrichment classes, a church, and evangelical special events. Brooke of Life also sponsors educational programs, charter schools and colleges, with a vision to expand not only in the United States, but also overseas.


Founder: Rudy & Gilda Bueno

    Rudy & Gilda Bueno serve on the board of Grace Renewal Ministries Inc. and faithfully lead intercession in the city and provide Biblical teaching and discipleship. The primary purpose of AJN is to lift up the name of Jesus (John 3:14-15) and to direct all who have questions to the ONE who has the answers, JESUS.